Sunday, April 15, 2012

NLRS Weak Signal Promotion Toolkit - Contents

These contents are available to be used by anyone engaged in the promotion of weak signal activities >HF. Please feel free to use them and, if possible, give us your feedback on their usage and recommended improvements. These will be updated with your suggestions, over time.
  1. PowerPoint Presentation (for your use)
  2. Presentation Feedback Forms (please use them)
  3. NLRS FAQ (suggestions are welcome)
  4. An active list of venues (updated with new presentations)
  5. Presentation Pictures (take your camera)
  6. Links to other helpful presentation resources (best practices)
  7. An NLRS Membership Form (if you want to join us)
  8. NLRS Contacts (for more information)

NLRS (Northern Lights Radio Society) FAQs

  1. What is the NLRS "service area"?
  2. Is this just a microwave organization?
  3. Who's eligible to join NLRS?
  4. Is someone available to speak at my local ham club?
  5. How does NLRS promote weak signal activities?
  6. Are mentors (elmers) available?
  7. When are the NLRS nets?
  8. How can I meet other NLRS members?
  9. How do I join the NLRS?
  10. How can I get more information?

Please view the NLRS website for more information.

    Presentation Survey Form - for use at venues

    List of Presentation Venues